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                                                        ARTICLE I
                                         NAME, PRINCIPAL OFFICE, PURPOSES
                                                   AND RESTRICTIONS

               1.01 NAME

               The name of this corporation shall be: Pennsylvania Society of Enrolled Agents, Inc.
               (Herein known as Society and/or PSEA).  The Society is a Pennsylvania nonprofit

               1.02 PRINCIPAL OFFICE

               The principal office of the Society for the transactions of its business is to be
               located in the geographical area designated by the Board of Directors.

               1.03 PURPOSES

               The purposes of the Society include:

                   a.  Advancement and improvement of all aspects of the profession of Enrolled Agents
                       (the profession) through meetings, communications, publications, education and
                       other programs and activities.
                   b.  Articulating and advocating the needs and interests of the profession before
                       legislative and judicial branches of Federal and State government.
                   c.  Cooperating on behalf of the profession with persons and businesses directly and
                       through their organizations in matters involving the business and governmental
                       affairs of the profession.
                   d.  Promulgating policies and activities for the betterment of all those individuals involved
                       in some aspects of the profession.

               1.04 RESTRICTION

               All policies and activities of the Society shall be consistent with:

                   a.  Applicable Federal, State, and Local antitrust, trade regulations or other legal
                   b.  Applicable tax exemption requirements.

                                                       ARTICLE II
                                                    DEFINITIONS AND
                                              PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY

               2.01 CHAPTER

               A chapter means an organization chartered directly by the Society which is an
               unincorporated chapter comprised of members working or residing within a geographic area
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